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Bliss Pulse Oil ✺ ELEVATE

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This euphoric, elevating botanical synergy made with precious essential oils, flower, and crystal essences, will bring you into a magnetic space of openness, joyful delight, tuning you into the magical dimension of the here and now.

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Ingredients With A Mission

Roman Chamomile

A master healing herb from time immemorial. Known as ‘the plant’s physician’ this magical flower can cure any plant it grows next to. It effortlessly takes us into a space of joy, and contentment opening our heart to higher love and compassion attracting what is necessary for our forward movement. 


This sacred resin obtained from a tropical tree native to the Philippines, means as “As Above, so Below” in Arabic indicating its ability to support on both a physical and spirit level. This uplifting meditative oil connects us to our sacred self and inner wisdom and initiating us into an elevated state of bliss.

Blue Cypress

This native Australian beauty extracted by the steam distillation of the heart wood of the blue cypress tree is a beautifully comforting and grounding oil that gives us a feeling of acceptance within ourselves entering a space of freedom to express our truth and connect with the world around us authentically.


A refreshing energizing and highly protective oil. It balances heart and mind and connects us to our spirit guides connecting us to gratitude and purpose.

Gurjun Balsam

This native plant ally to South-East Asia is associated with the Air element and is a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic skincare. This magical self-sufficient tree that scatters its seeds without the assistance of birds or insects gives us the courage and manifesting power to breathe life into our visions. 

Prickly Pear Flower Elixir

A powerful plant ally that connects us with our inner light and resilience. It expands our hearts while it helps us establish clear boundaries in our communication with others. It restores a sense of flow, positivity, and gratitude in the present moment.

Cistus Flower Elixir

This powerful flower ally releases obstacles that stand between us and our purpose giving us the power to act by focusing on the present moment. It expands consciousness and our sense of contentment.

Watermelon Tourmaline

A crystal that vibrates and attracts love, compassion, and joy. It aligns us with our hearts and guides us to stay in the moment in full presence and appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us.

Real Results
High Vibe
Mood Boosting
Tailored Audios
Sensitive Skin
Vegan Cruelty Free
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
ADORN Apply To Your Wrists
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
SAVOR Take a 3-4 Drops
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling