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An Ode to the Divine Feminine Inspired by the Beauty of Greek Nature

An Ode to the Divine Feminine Inspired by the Beauty of Greek Nature



Our mission is to unveil the magic glow that flows right from the center of your happy heart

Do you remember a time in your life when you were so happy your skin was just glowing?

At IERIAS NAMA we believe that

Beauty is an inside job.

It is the result of what you choose to receive.

Whether it is food, or cosmetics, or friends who make you feel elated or simply watching the news.

To put it simply it is the result of what you say yes and most importantly what you say no to.

We invite you on a journey of


Harnessing nature's purest and most nutrient dense, high performance & vibe ingredients + mood boosting science

paired with

tailored guided audio rituals that bring you to innate states of bliss

through your awakened senses.


Made with nature's cleanest, most nutrient-dense botanicals, adaptogen super fruits, algae proteins, peptides, gemstones, flower elixirs & cutting-edge mood boosting science IERIAS NAMA offers high-performance skincare that goes beyond the surface.

It is a holistic approach to beauty and wellness that transcends clean, high performance skincare offering formulations your skin will thank you for and audio rituals that will elevate your daily self-care into a sacred act of self-love.


Our high vibe formulations are created in tandem with guided meditation rituals designed to unveil your inner magic by fostering a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. Our tools are:



We believe in nature's harmonizing magic

In an era of detachment from the natural rhythm - cycles of the earth, and the five elements that surround us and reside within each of us, our purpose is to hold space for you and reconnect you with your fully awakened senses through formulations and rituals that deeply immerse you into the different elements and awaken you to your greater magnificence.


IERIAS NAMA is committed to creating an empowering, community and nurturing space where beauty is normalized as a practice of self-love, self-acceptance and fearless expression of authenticity.

I E R I A = Priestess
from ἱερός (hierós, “holy”)
N A M A = Stream, Flow, Wisdom
From νάω (náō, “flow”)

The word IERIA means Priestess in Greek and represents our divine feminine energy. NAMA means fresh spring water, that revitalizes and inspires. Through our products and holistic philosophy, our wish is to create an inner space of softness that brings us back to our natural flow, connecting us with our magnetic feminine power. Giving ourselves permission to shift from states of constant doing to states of being and thriving.

A Love Note From Our Founder

Hailing from Greece and growing up to the sounds of mythological stories as a child, when I think of beauty

I see the image of a Goddess.

Standing strong with her arms open, roaming free, caressed by the air, embraced by the water, and kissed by the sun.

I think of FREEDOM.

Freedom to be the most authentic version of yourself and enjoy every drop of the precious elixir that is you. Your face, your body, your skin, your thoughts, your feelings, your obstacles, and everything that makes you.

I see beauty that flows from a place of truth, connection, and the magnetism that comes from being aligned with and reflecting the desires of your heart.

I see beauty that flows from a pure connection with the five elements we all embody.

And so,



was born.

Inspired by and deeply rooted in the untamed splendor of Greek nature, seamlessly connecting you with all your senses.

It is powered by of all of nature’s allies, rituals, and sacred practices that have co-journeyed with me during the last sixteen years and have helped me access my own magic. It offers high performance skincare and rituals that hold space for you to find bliss within.

Kristina Siapkara



I am the formulator, educator, and founder of Ierias Nama. I have been devoted to the healing arts as a practitioner for over a decade in Europe and NYC. Since I was a little girl I had an instinctive connection with my senses, the natural world, and all things magical.

After completing my legal studies in Europe, my journey brought me to NYC where I studied theater and classical singing and performed at various theatrical stages. There I experienced the magic of self-transformation that my soul craved for in to retrieve parts of myself that were disconnected. I learned what it means to walk in different people’s shoes, have more compassion for those around me and ultimately for myself. I started to sense how precious it is to walk through life in freedom and with authenticity and right there I synchronistically discovered the world of consciousness. This stage was the cocoon that marked my return journey to my heart and my true voice.

Since then, I have been holding space for others to reconnect with themselves and awaken to their greater magnificence. My allies are sound therapy, guided visualization, breathwork, somatics, yoga, crystal and flower alchemy, acupressure, and formulations that integrate skin and spirit.

Somewhere along that way the seed for IERIAS NAMA was planted from my heart’s desire to see beauty that delivers unparalleled results through unique ingredients in combination with ritual that elevates daily self care to a sacred act of self-love, self-acceptance and a thriving expression of one's authenticity.


Always fascinated by clean skincare formulation, way before it was a thing, throughout the years I had not encountered any line that addressed beauty in a supportive and integrated way and with the sophistication and depth that I wished for. To give you high performance and tune your into your own magic.

This is the beauty I was looking for, so I had to create it.


Your skin is a reflection of your inmost wellbeing

After years of tailoring bespoke formulas to support my clients during and post energy work sessions, I came to observe four important states of being we can all cultivate by harnessing nature's harmonizing rhythms addressing our skin needs and our inmost needs as a whole.

And so a sketch of our SKIN TO SOUL MAP was born.


A time of connection purification and release


A time of balance and harmonizing


A time of re-alignment redirection and awakened vitality


A time of expansion and maintenance of an elevated state through gratitude practices

Inspired by the four main lunar cycles and the five elemental energies we all embody. Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether.

Real Results
High Vibe
Mood Boosting
Tailored Audios
Sensitive Skin
Vegan Cruelty Free
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
ADORN Apply To Your Wrists
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
SAVOR Take a 3-4 Drops
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling