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Guardian Pulse Oil ✺ RELEASE

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This grounding, comforting botanical synergy made with precious essential oils, flower, and crystal essences, will show you to your inner guardian. A sanctuary within yourself where you can find stillness, release unwanted energies, and reconnect with yourself as your most precious ally on this earth walk. 

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Ingredients with a Mission

Sweet Fennel

A powerful skin warrior against free radical damage, minimizing pores and imperfections. On a deeper level, it helps shed old skin and move forward embracing the new.  

Blue Tansy

A highly regenerative anti-aging oil that supports the skin’s response to irritation. On a deeper level this calming oil helps eases nervous tension, anger and irritation.

Yarrow Flower Elixir

A magical aura shield that offers protection from negative energy and subconscious programming.

Black tourmaline

A crystal with a strong guardian energy, that releases toxins from our physical body and clears away negative energy and emotional blockages by making us more conscious of our own triggers and the sources of negative energy that deplete us. 

Hinoki Cypress

This sacred Cypress worshipped as the Holy Tree in Japan is a skin purifying oil that provides relief from overactive sebum glands that make skin oily promoting softness, and suppleness. On a deeper level it signifies death and rebirth helping us embrace transition and the natural cycles of life with grace.


The oldest documented Frankincense. It strengthens and improves skin tone and elasticity minimizing the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles. On a deeper level, it is a potent auric field cleanser that removes negative energy and promotes purification.

Ho Wood

A truly calming oil thanks to its high linalool content and muscle relaxant with mild aphrodisiac properties that soothes inflamed skin conditions. On a deeper level, it works wonders as an an anti-depressant that helps us face and release emotional patterns that no longer serve and giving us the courage to leap into the unknown.


Known as the Oil of tranquility, this powerful meditation ally addresses stress related conditions, such as depression and anxiety. It is a true acne hero and great anti-septic, that moistens dryness. On a deeper level, it instantly calms a hyperactive mind and purifies the energy field from negative energies.
Real Results
High Vibe
Mood Boosting
Tailored Audios
Sensitive Skin
Vegan Cruelty Free
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
ADORN Apply To Your Wrists
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
SAVOR Take a 3-4 Drops
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling