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Cocoon Flower Elixir ✺ HARMONIZE

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This instantly comforting flower essence synergy like a hug from within made with precious wildflowers and pure Cretan raki, will show you into a space of pure love within yourself where you can find calm, support, and renewal.

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Ingredients with a Mission


This high frequency flower also known as the “golden healer” or honey for the soul is a deeply nourishing and transformational plant ally. It gently clears deep emotional wounds helping us connect to love for ourselves restoring a sense of joy and warmth within. 

Cretan Mallow

This powerful inner child healer from the Cretan soil, is a great aid in times of transition. It helps us find stability and a home (a cocoon) within ourselves. It helps us recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and negative ancestral patterns that we unconsciously carry into our present and release them in peace and wisdom.

Milk Thistle

This supportive flower ally helps us find peace and safety in the eye of the storm. It is calming and centering and helps us recognize our deepest emotional wounds and find ways to transmute them. It moves stagnant energies and restores balance following a time of release.  
Real Results
High Vibe
Mood Boosting
Tailored Audios
Sensitive Skin
Vegan Cruelty Free
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
ADORN Apply To Your Wrists
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
SAVOR Take a 3-4 Drops
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling