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Cocoon Pulse Oil ✺ HARMONIZE

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This instantly comforting botanical synergy like a hug from within made with precious essential oils, flower, and crystal essences, will show you into a space of pure love within yourself where you can find calm, support, and renewal. 

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Ingredients With A Mission

Cape Chamomile

A highly anti-inflammatory, and soothing oil that repairs skin damage and nourishes the skin. On a deeper level this it relaxes the mind and eases tension providing the best energetic support for deep emotional work.


This divinely feminine oil, is anti-aging helping to fade scars, marks, and wrinkles while it also soothes dry skin and eczema. On a deeper level, this powerful antidepressant and highly euphoric oil will lift you up and connect you to the sweetness of life.

Blue Tansy

A highly regenerative anti-aging oil that supports the skin’s response to irritation. On a deeper level this calming oil helps eases nervous tension, anger and irritation.


One of nature’s most profound harmonizers for body and spirit. For the skin it is a highly anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial oil, while on a deeper level it connects us with unconditional love within rising above trauma, mental chatter and patterns that no longer serve. 


This sweet, floral, lemony oil is a powerful tissue regenerative and a healer of past emotional wounds. A great skin regenerator that regulates oil production and is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin. On a deeper level, it is harmonizes mind and heart creating a powerful and loving healing space within.

Copaiba Balsam

A highly anti-inflammatory oil that prevents oxidative stress and a fantastic wound healer. On a deeper level, Copaiba is like a salve for the soul. It works like a nervous system regulator that helps us heal wounds, and traumas from our past helping us return into a state of harmony by integrating our past into our present. 

Helichrysum Flower Elixir

This high frequency flower also known as the “golden healer” or honey for the soul is a deeply nourishing and transformational plant ally. It gently clears deep emotional wounds helping us connect to love for ourselves restoring a sense of joy and warmth within. 


A powerful stone of transition also known as ‘the grandmother stone’ is a profound mood stabilizer when dealing with anxiety or depression. Its strong nurturing and calming properties bring deep emotional healing and help us reconnect to trust and love within ourselves.
Real Results
High Vibe
Mood Boosting
Tailored Audios
Sensitive Skin
Vegan Cruelty Free
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
ADORN Apply To Your Wrists
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling
RETREAT Find A Quiet Space
SAVOR Take a 3-4 Drops
LISTEN Tune Into The Audio
CONNECT Return To That Feeling